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Our guests experience just how easy and refreshing it can be to reduce their carbon footprint, try out new things and enjoy the variety of life

Ein Mädchen sammelt Äpfel mit seinem Kleid auf


Upon arrival at the STERN, our guests are invited to play our climate-game and reach for the sustainable stars. There are lots of different activities and things to do in and around the STERN which will help you to contribute to climate protection: why not choose an “eardigen Menü” (a dish made with ingredients from the local region) or you could pick your own fruit and herbs on the fruit picking tour. How about a good hike or ski tour (without using ski lifts) or even a night in a bed of hay in the larch meadows? You will also be rewarded with stars if you don’t use the lift or your car.

Protecting the climate can be fun!

Ein Landhotel in den Bergen

5% discount for green arrival

Travelling by train spares the environment and reduces traffic on the streets. Even though it usually takes longer, it’s a much more relaxing way to travel and you’re guaranteed no traffic jams. We are happy to support all guests who travel to us by train by giving them a 5% discount on the total cost of their stay. We also offer free pick-up from Telfs and Ötztal train stations. In addition, we provide you with a great mobility package during your stay.

Ein Fahrrad lehnt an einem Apfelbaum

Mobility on our doorstep

You don’t have to worry about being stuck in one place at The STERN Family & Country Hotel. If you have travelled to us by train or you’d just like to leave the car at the hotel, we can offer you a comprehensive mobility package:

  • Hiking trails, bike tours and cross-country skiing trails on our doorstep
  • Free mountain bike rental for adults and children
  • e-bike rental (for a fee)
  • Free child seats and trailers for bicycles
  • Bus stop directly in front of the hotel
  • Free regional bus to Innsbruck (daily and almost hourly)
  • Free lifts in the hotel bus
  • Free pick-up from the train station
  • Free shuttle service from the hotel to Hochötz ski region (2,000m altitude, Tues – Thurs)
  • Free regional bus from the sun plateau to Seefeld (daily service during winter)
  • E-car rental (for a fee)

e-car charging and rental

The new quick charging station at the STERN is suitable for all types of plugs and up to 22kw can be charged to all common electric cars. Take a break and have a coffee or even a short nap: The car will be charged with Tyrolean green energy in 30 – 60 minutes. Naturally free of charge for STERN guests.

The Nissan NV200 e-car offers a lot of space, a range of approx. 130km and electric driving pleasure. Whether you just feel like trying out an e-car or having more mobility – if you’ve travelled to us by train – the e-car is available for rent at any time.

Ein Bündel Petersilie liegt auf einem Holztisch

Green STERN facts

  • 1kg of CO2 is equivalent to producing 5kg of potatoes or 100g of meat, a 5km trip by car or a 25km trip by bus, 26 hours of light from a 60W lightbulb or 650 hours of light from a 2.2W LED light.
  • The rate of CO2 emmissions per guest per night is 7.59kg – that is a top value in the hotel business worldwide and is the equivalent of A+++
  • CO2 emmissions were reduced by 33% between 2010 and 2013: from 296 tons to 204 tons
  • Around 60% of the hotels CO2 emmissions concern food
  • The “Eardige Menü” (the sustainable dish) is chosen 40% of the time
  • About 10% of guests become STERN-Ambassadors
  • Approximately €15,000 for CO2 compensation has been paid into the international climate protection project and the local project fund
  • An average journey e.g. Frankfurt to Obsteig (1,000km round trip) produces 207kg CO2 by car (7l diesel per 100km), 52kg by train and 0-100kg by e-car (depending on electricity).
  • The goal we want to achieve by 2020: 30% of guests travel to us using “green” transport which will have a positive effect on the environment: 300 tons of CO2 and 800kg of NOx less per year


We are committed to a sustainable future:

2010 – Austrian Ecolabel

2012 – The only climate-neutral hotel in Austria

2012 – Trigos Tirol – Sustainability Prize

2013 – Touristika Tirol Finalist

2014 – Organic Certification

2014 – “Platinum” from Tripadvisor’s GreenLeaders Programme

2014 – First quick charging E-car station in the Tyrol

PDF Climate Strategy

PDF Climate Footprint 2010

PDF Climate Footprint 2013

PDF Donation Certificate

(All pdfs in German only)

Carbon footprint calculator

Zwei Flaschen auf einem Tisch mit einer grünen Hülle

The Emil bottle

Emil is a refillable glass bottle which has many cool designs and makes a great contribution to reducing plastic waste.

Every STERN guest receives a personal Emil bottle upon arrival. The bottle can then be filled up with fresh source water or water with seasonal fruits and herbs at the water bar: from lavender water and cucumber-ginger water to mint-berry water… no sugar or additives guaranteed.

Eine Schalte mit Äpfeln steht in einem Zimmer auf einem Tisch

The variety of life

We have successfully dedicated ourselves to climate protection and mobility, and now we want to start focusing on biodiversity – the variety of life – in the coming years. Here are a few ideas you can look forward to at the STERN:

  • Alpine flower and stone garden: alpine flowers such as gentian, edelweiss and platenigl, all at risk of dying out, will be cultivated at the STERN
  • Orchard Meadow – local fruit varieties from days gone by will be planted again
  • Orchard Fruit Rooms – 3 rooms will be furnished with wood from orchard meadow trees
Eine Wiese in den Bergen beim Sonnenaufgang